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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nikon color output.

Yesterday i went to a shop to develop my engagement photo. I did my best using my desktop to get the real color which i assume to be the same when the photo is developed. When i saw the output , i found out that there is a yellow color cast for every printed photo. then the shop owner told me that it is common to print a photo from Nikon camera. He did show me a sample of his photo as a reference ( he is using 5DMII).

However technically i m disagree with him. I did print out my photo previously ( with other shop)but it does not have any yellow color cast appear on the photo. I heard this issue a long time ago, and the conclusion that i make based on my understanding is that the type of printer system might play a role in determining the colour output of the develope photo.


  1. it sounds to me like his printer is having an issue, not your Nikon camera.

    If i were to develope/print my pictures outside, i most probably give that shop a pass and look elswhere.

    BTW, happy new year 2012 and happy engagement!

  2. Salam Perkenalan....i Think the same....coz some of the printer has the same color resolution with the photo...some does not...i'm using both nikon and canon....but the result after editing quite the same...and result of printing via different printer are different...

  3. thanks floyd, i ll never go to that shop again,

    Henrietta, salam perkenalan, wah u are using canon and nikon , what model?


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