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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poetry or should it be a poem..

okay , i dont know what to write for this photo , so i just created a poetry or poem ,


A Blurry day,
burn me out ,
while watching all the people smiling,
Im capturing the moment,
when time is not in your favor,
so it will become one of the
Moment Of Memories...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Black and White at The reef


Went to the Reef last nite for a friend's bday party. It is a good place to sit and listen to the music while having ur drink and last nite the theme was "The 80 s" while listening to the sound of the live band , i grab my camera and try to shoot in low lite condition without using a speed light. and i found out that it is much more better to shoot in black and white.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before and After 2.

yeah finish updating my blog template, change to a new template design just for some face lift.
so now i m going to continue with the editing .how to do the editing is very subjective. some people might like it, some will not. but however lets go to the majority side of the viewer.
well most people will prefer the picture to be as natural as it be. but sometimes it is difficult to captured such moment with the surrounding limitation.

so as for me most of my pic will be shot in RAW file format so that more changes can be made later.
talking about sharpness of the picture, it will be depend on a few factor, shutter speed, aperature etc...

try to look at both of photo below
Original Photo (now jpeg but taken with RAW format)

Sunset At the lake

After Editing

what did i do with it.? well i did enhancement of the sharpness of the photo, and do some color saturation adjustment plus , increase the exposer a bit. well it is simple rite. :) try to play with the color till u satisfied with the result.

ps: im not a pro but im sharing what i know about editing.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Before and After

way of editing do the pict editing , u must learn on how to maintain the naturality of the subject. it is a learning process thru time which will give u an experience on how to do the editing. as for me the most important thing is that, the first shot MUST be sharp.....

to be continue..................

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