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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taman Pertanian Lagud Seberang , Tenom, Sabah

Been to Taman Pertanian Lagud seberang before? well if you never set your foot to taman pertanaian lagud seberang i suggest that u should go there and enjoy the nature by yourself, especially to the photographer. The landscape look nice where there is a lake , a very big kayu balak, a lot of flowers , fruits also. went there last May just for holiday. Infact Tenom is my hometown :)

If any of you interested in nature for your outdoor wedding photoshot, this is one of the recommended place to go.


  1. im getting to like your post and yer style of photography now. keep it flowing....

    p/s: sedap lagu background nih.

  2. Orait bro, thanks for the compliment. will keep it flowing.

  3. hometown also...:)


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