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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tip Of Borneo

Have u been to Simpang mengayau , The Tip of Borneo? I've been there on last December. Went there for a day trip with my family and it took almost 3 hours of driving. Quite tiring journey but it is worth my time. Especially spending some time with my family.

At first i planned to stay there till sunset but then due to the tiredness of my family member i make a move early. Well I'll sure come again to capture the sunset at simpang mengayau...

And that is the Tip of Borneo, as can be seen on the map

I like this tree color composition

wanted to go there but i dont wear any slipper, just bare foot..

Sometimes a view of the unwanted thing can be so great.

Looks like HDR but not HDR

I Think the beach provide a potential place for tourism industry.

The waves is quite strong and so do the wind

Nice View, I like the landscape of the Simpang Mengayau

well here is my family my brother cant come because he got something to do that day

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gemmy and Tina Wedding

Held on the 26 of Dec 2009 , my cousin asked me to be the main photographer for the wedding, it was my first time official photography wedding after i bought my DSLR. For this wedding i have bought a new accessory for my cam. I have spend around 1.6K to bought this new speed light SB900. At first i want to buy SB600 but then i change my mind. And it is my first time using external speedlight . Still learning how to get use to its function.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just love taking potrait, especially the candid one the most dramatic moment of the picture. Here is among the picture taken when i was on holiday in my lovely home town , Sabah.

Motherhood Love
I love this picture, i have made a few version of it, this is the BNW version

Color Version of Motherhood Love
This is the color version of the pic which i name it "Motherhood Love"( my friend with her niece not her daughter k..)

She is my niece, Wani,, so cute and energetic. If She dont like you she will cry if you try to hold her.

Well , after Motherhood Love, it should be match with Fatherhood Love, this is the photo taken on the christmas eve

This Cute little "tiger" aka Tiga, is already 10 years old. due to "her" age, "she" is a bit lazy. Last time "she" can catch a squarel, but now even rats is laughing at "her"

Here is the twin. still can differentiate between the physical condition where one is a bit taller.

My cousin's photo taken during "aramaiti time", Mabuk2 pun masih lagi buli pigang camera..haha

All the beauty2 tenomian and....panat sudah mo pikir pa mo tulis...

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