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Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Outing with my housemate

Went for another photo outing last saturday. before we reach putrajaya , the rain fall heavily so we have to make a stop at alamanda. Luckily the rain stop once we finish our early dinner. Coincidentally learned how to take silhouette photo style by adjusting the camera setting by try and error.

monkey style

after the rain stop

try not to move even hold my breath to make sure no vibration

run and standing still

black and white

a simple view with my car as an object

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Street Photogaphy

Went for some city street photography

The fountain with the building as a background, nothing to do actually just walking and trying to get some good view to shot

Tired but still walking for a pic, see this as one point of perspective

Try to make a different thru black and white, and i think sometime we should see our life in black and white,with less grey area

I have to stop here , it showed red, sometimes its good to have a look on small things when we are stuck with somthing in our life

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lepak2 time

Taking a random picture. went for a drink with friends, where suddenly both of them went to KL for working purpose.

my housemate found this lucky penny,dont know which country use it

Samurai but it is not for cutting.

A prayer card on the wall, sometimes it will remind us to pray.

It should be nice to see things differently

lens cap of my D90, soon there will be more lens cap

Frankie with his posing for the day, the pic is a bit blur in color so i change it to black and white to give a different perspective of viewing

Arthur , learning how to open the bottle using lighter , a father to be soon, congrats my fren.

A light from the burning match

Taking it more closer, but dont play with fire.

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