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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Of Show , People's Choice

As a continuation of my last post, now canon had open the new contest call the people's choice best photo. to all the reader, i need your favor here, Please click the link above and follow the step by step procedure as per below instruction
1. Click " Join Now"
2. Allow the application
3. Click "Join Now" again
4. Click page 3
5. Give a star rate on the photo at row number 2 from above,

If you confuse which photo here is the photo that listed me as the top 10 judges choice. Thanks very much for your effort to rate my photo.The voting will open till 12 of November.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 10 Canon Best Show Photo Marathon 2011

Yes Im in the top Ten for the Canon photo marathon. I just could not believe it since there is a lot of contestant
(1+++) and there is a lot talented photographer. I received the news while i was stuck in the trafic jam from my fren. I thot he was just kidding after saying congratulation and  I could not believe it till i see it  by my own eyes.
here is the link of the photo

Guardian of the Earth
This photo is taken when i was just about to go for lunch. At first i wanted to make a reflection photo of myself with the KLCC building as a background on the aluminum fence surface at the bridge, but then after viewed the photo, the idea came suddenly. A round shape represent the Earth , the KLCC represent the civilization world and the person pushing the trolley represent the guardian.

City Of Color
This photo is selected after a few consideration on the theme and relation between the first picture and the third picture. since i did select the first and third photo, i need to make a selection so that the second photo will relink the first and third photo. a lot of pic to choose but i stick with this one.

Extraordinary of Ordinary
The photo taken after having a drink with my fren. i kind of blank for this theme totaly blank mind. extraordinary of ordinary. well once i get back on my feet, i search for what i want to shot. It must be something ordinary, that people dont realy care about it. but thru a different angle it might be something different. i took the reflection of the building and make it in black and white.

fuh and now have to wait for the final prize. here is the link of the website. final prize will be announce this saturday 22/10. I did not really put a high hope to get the price since a lot of nice photo is in the competition. however ,being in the  top 10  already makes me happy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Amber

Baby Amber is in the house, my brother's first child.She was born on the 30 of July , on the 36 Weeks of pregnancy period, earlier a few weeks. She was just 1.7 kg that time and now she grows in weight up to 3.6kg. well i use to have a fear holding a baby less than 5 months old but she erase it all. I manage to convince myself to hold her when she was just less than a month old.

Amber with her father smiling

   Photo taken at kundsang, so cold and she had to wear more clothes to keep her warm


Sleepy Amber
Amber using her father as a pillow and mattress 


And this is the first time my other brother hold her


Amber with her lovely parent

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