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Thursday, May 27, 2010


People Come and People leave,
some people come and stay,
but whoever comes in your life,
come with a reason,
a reason that would lead you to your destiny,

some people may be hurt by you,
some people may hurt you,
but then it all happend with a reason,
a reason to make you stronger,
a reason that will make you learn.

some people think that the world is not fair,
some people think the other side,
some just dont care because they are use to it,
world is not fair, but try to be fair to everyone around,
it is not easy but then, it would teach you how to appreciate.

A moon or a sun,

Friday, May 21, 2010


I love taking landscape photography. it feel more alive and vibrant. when i first start my photography addict, i took landscape the most.


Black and White in life, have you ever wonder that our surrounding is more grey than black and white


fishing boat anchored for supply,


Beach, where i love to spend time the most

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eifel , Here I come

Going to Paris next month for weekend leisure while having a training in Holland next month. It has been my dream to take the shot of the real Eifel tower and feel the environment on the City of art and Love. Hopefully everything run smoothly.

Small Eifel Tower,

Key Chain given by my colleague last year

Month Of Kaamatan Festival

Month of May, the most famous month in sabah where the Kaamatan festival is held every year. Recently my friend and i have been assigned as an official photographer for the Kaamatan Klang Valey event. We have formed our group called Chloros Studio which mean "Green Studio". The event was great and thanks to the committee who done a great job.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

They are getting married this year.

Love is in the air

my brother with his fiancee. Holy Matrimony will be held on the 20.11.2010 this, the first of my family member who will get married and yes he is the youngest.

still try to find someone to do the wedding ceremony shot without any editing. i cant because i want to enjoy the moment. Any photographer interested to become the photographer for this lovely couple event??? it is an event where murut tradition took place.

here is the details of the wedding event

20-11-2010 - Holy Matrimony at St Anthony Church , Tenom
20-11-2010 - Bride's Reception
22-11-2010 - Groom's reception

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