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Sunday, April 25, 2010

KL At nite

just came back from Looking out Ampang. It is a nice place to go for a dinner especially when u want to see the whole view of KL city. went there with a friends of mine but unfortunately due to me who sesat , we are unable to capture the sunset which i think is beautiful. Anyway it will not be the last for me. Will go here for another photo outing next time.


It is a good place for romatic dinner i guess.


Another view of it in different setting


  1. wow!The first picture very nice! Could you tell me the number of shutter speed,ISO and aperture..I am a new learner :) TQ

  2. sa pun suka 1st pic ni...alex pls share your talent ya...

  3. thanks hantaiki and beaty,
    f-10,iso 200, exposer :10, pas tu edit the color tone :)

  4. oic nice shoot bh tis one btw thanks ya


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